ADAS Calibration Services & Auto Elecrtician

Today’s cars are packed with technology designed to protect you. But to be truly effective, those systems need expert care. That’s where Allans Auto comes in. We specialise in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration, ensuring your car’s safety features are always ready to safeguard you – whether you’re going to and parking at Westfield or driving along Tingwell Bvd, Boonah Ave or Tierney Ave. 

How ADAS Helps Keep You and Your Passengers Safe 

Adaptive Cruise Control: More than just convenience, it helps prevent rear-end collisions in unpredictable traffic. 

Lane-Keeping Assist: It’s your vigilant co-pilot, actively helping prevent dangerous drifting caused by distraction or fatigue. 

Forward Collision Warning & Automatic Braking: These systems can react faster than human reflexes, potentially avoiding accidents or lessening their impact. 

Parking Sensors & All-Around Cameras: They provide extra eyes, preventing damage and potentially serious accidents, especially in those crowded car parks. 

Professional ADAS Calibration: Where Experience Makes All the Difference 

Our over 25 years of experience means we deeply understand the nuances that make ADAS calibration critical. We meticulously fine-tune sensors, cameras and radar – ensuring your car’s safety systems function at their best to help prevent accidents. 

Automotive Specialists with Your Safety in Mind 

Tailored Precision: We know the ADAS specifics of BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Volvo and others – guaranteeing calibration is aligned with manufacturer standards. 

Cutting-Edge Technology: Safety depends on accuracy. We use the most up-to-date calibration tools for results you can trust. 

Trained for Today’s Tech: Our technicians are constantly learning the latest procedures for every vehicle we service. 

Beyond ADAS: Total Vehicle Safety 

Proactive Diagnostics: We uncover hidden issues that could become safety risks, giving you time for preventive maintenance. 

Software & Programming: New components? We seamlessly integrate them, ensuring any updates don’t compromise safety functions. 

Reliable Auto Electrical: The foundation of ADAS and your car’s comfort rely on its electrical system. We keep yours running flawlessly. 

Why Choose Allans Auto? 

Safety-Driven for Decades: Our 25+ years mean we’ve seen and solved it all when it comes to automotive technology, adapting to keep drivers protected. 

You’re Our Priority: Clear communication and honesty are part of the service. We help you understand what your car needs for optimal safety. 

Let us be your ADAS safety team. Contact Allans Auto Services today – and drive with the peace of mind that comes from true expertise.