ADAS Calibration Services & Auto Elecrtician

Your safety is our top priority. That’s why we’re more than just mechanics – we’re your partners in road protection.  

At Allans Auto Services, we understand that your vehicle’s advanced safety features are critical safeguards for you and your loved ones, especially on the bustling roads of Matraville (e.g. Bunnerong Rd, Wassell St, Finucane Cres) and the Eastern Suburbs. That’s why we specialise in meticulous Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) calibration, ensuring your car is always ready to shield you from harm. 

ADAS: Your Technological Guardian 

Proactive Inspections: We prevent accidents by thoroughly examining your ADAS. Our expert technicians ensure your lane-keeping assist, parking sensors and other critical systems function flawlessly when needed most. 

Unmatched Calibration: Every camera, sensor and radar is calibrated with unmatched precision using industry-leading tools. When your car sees more clearly, you avoid hazards more effectively. 

Customised Approach: Your vehicle receives the right calibration – dynamic or static – based on its unique technology. Trust us to tailor our services for maximum safety. 

Software Savvy: Staying updated is key. We keep your safety systems performing optimally with the latest software updates. 

Safety Expertise for Your Premium Ride 

We’re the specialists for discerning drivers of BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Honda and other automobiles. Our deep understanding means precision ADAS calibration and the ability to identify issues specific to your car’s make and model. 

Beyond the Mechanics: Electrical and Diagnostic Masters 

Advanced Diagnostics: We delve deep, pinpointing and resolving issues traditional mechanics may overlook for comprehensive protection. 

Flawless Programming: New components? We seamlessly integrate them into your car’s systems using OEM protocols for worry-free operation. 

Electrical Expertise: We ensure every system functions seamlessly. From your headlights to your climate control, your entire vehicle benefits from our electrical mastery. 

Why Allans Auto is the choice 

Proven Legacy: Our 25+ years of experience translate into unparalleled safety solutions. 

Innovation Driven: We constantly learn and invest in new tools to keep pace with rapidly evolving automotive technology. 

Your Needs First: Clear communication and transparent service are our hallmark. You’ll always understand how we’re maximising your vehicle’s safety. 

Ready for a safer drive and additional peace of mind? Choose Allans Auto Services – where precision safeguards every drive.